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Dream City Scents was created in 2021 by Natasha "Diamond'' Wilson in honor of Dream, the beloved daughter she lost to miscarriage in 2005 after carrying her beneath her heart for 9 loving months.  Ironically, the loss of Dream was literally the birth of a vision.  That vision is now a reality proudly shared and known as Dream City Scents, Company. 


Having overcome what felt like insurmountable adversity, each tragedy suffered was accompanied by a scent.  Losing Dream, tasted like salt and smelled like a sterile hospital.  A 2009 Lupus diagnosis smelled medicinal, prompting a  search for more holistic remedies for painful symptoms. Those helpful remedies smell like healing herbs, sea moss and soothing teas. The loss of both parents (her mother in 2012 and her father in 2020) brought a scent many know too well, grief - masked by flowers and food.  The dashed hopes of not becoming a Julliard dancer was escorted by the rank and putrid fragrance of defeat.  On the flip side, the victory of attending Queens New York’s York College  smelled ever so sweet.  The birth of five healthy children; even more sweetly aromatic and carried on whiffs of baby lotion and formula now wrapped around two beautiful grandsons.  


With faith in God and the smell of perseverance always in the air, Diamond found the strength and motivation to overcome it all.  Propelled to succeed, Natasha "Diamond'' Wilson, DCS’s founder is now thriving and anxious to share her best kept secret with the world.  That secret, realizing your dreams through aromatherapy.  No matter who you are, no matter what you’re facing, there’s a specially crafted Dream City Scent just for you - designed to to uplift, motivate and get you through to that destination of your DREAMS... 




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